Magill Lodge

Magill Lodge  Supported Residential Care Pty Ltd



The facility caters for singles who have a history of mental health and housing instability, and who require additional supports to live independently. It is also caters for singles who have an intellectual disability and who require additional supports to live independently. Couples are welcome subject to the availability of suitable accommodation. also Male and Female Doctors visit the facility weekly. close city bus stop and shopping centre.24 hours per day care for resident.


The eligibility criteria are as follows:


·        have a diagnosed mental illness or psychiatric disability or other conditions and fall within the natural mental health client population

·        have low level needs, which negatively affect their ability to live independently without support

·        require a low to moderate level of support to establish and maintain a safe independent living environment

·        be unable to secure alternative accommodation linked to independent living support through other programs

·        be currently living in inappropriate or unsustainable accommodation, and will not have the resources (personal/economic) to secure alternative, appropriate housing

·        be in receipt of a disability support (or other) benefit

·        demonstrate a natural connection with the local community through current or previous residency and/or the presence of a supportive familial and/or social network

·        be willing to participate in the program, and to receive independent living support services

·        be referred to the program by any one of the primary agencies forming the project partnership (Mental Health Services, Home Care Services, SA Housing Trust, Home Care Services)

Manager: Sun / Angela Wang
Ph: 8332 9335